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01. Introduction of Labhydraulics equipment
Established on the basis of our excellent researchers and technologies, R&D Lab of SG SERVO has been making diverse development achievements through continuous R&D. Our Lab promotes R&D by giving the highest priority to customer satisfaction, in order to develop products that are desired by customers.
hydraulics equipment
02. Main R&D achievements
- Develop Condition Monitoring technology of electric hydraulic servo valves
- Develop direction controlling valve for controlling press roll.
- Develop proportional valves to control missile direction
- Develop combined valves to control pressure and flow rate.
- Develop proportional valves to control Korean-type destroyer and ship guns
- Develop super high-pressure proportional control valves for diesel vehicle common rails
- Develop high-efficiency proportional electronic control unit for the best control of injection molding systems.
- Develop high-integration proportional direction/ flow rate control technology
- Develop rotary type hydraulic motor
- Develop technology to improve reliability of rotary type actuator (hydraulic, motor)
- Develop hydraulic pump, actuator for power-by-wire actuator
- Develop energy-saving DDVC (Direct Drive Volume Control)-type hydraulic actuator
- Develop hydrostrut type suspension devices for 30-ton-class track vehicles
03 Core technology
2D/3D design - Design direction/ flow rate/ pressure control valve, internal/external gear pump, rotary actuator
- Design power transfer equipment, such as transportation devices (gear box, driver)
- Analysis hydraulic servo system design technique
Analysis System modeling, Simulation & Analysis
- Hydraulic valve, pump, actuator
- Power transfer equipment (gear box, driver)
- Technology of hydraulic servo system.
Test & Evaluation - Hydraulic equipment, power transfer equipment, hydraulic servo system function test / system performents test 
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