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01. Introduction of Labhydraulics equipment
Established on the basis of our excellent researchers and technologies, R&D Lab of SG SERVO has been making diverse development achievements through continuous R&D. Our Lab promotes R&D by giving the highest priority to customer satisfaction, in order to develop products that are desired by customers.
hydraulics equipment
02. Main R&D achievements
- Develop Condition Monitoring technology of electric hydraulic servo valves
- Develop direction controlling valve for controlling press roll.
- Develop proportional valves to control missile direction
- Develop combined valves to control pressure and flow rate.
- Develop proportional valves to control Korean-type destroyer and ship guns
- Develop super high-pressure proportional control valves for diesel vehicle common rails
- Develop high-efficiency proportional electronic control unit for the best control of injection molding systems.
- Develop high-integration proportional direction/ flow rate control technology
- Develop rotary type hydraulic motor
- Develop technology to improve reliability of rotary type actuator (hydraulic, motor)
- Develop hydraulic pump, actuator for power-by-wire actuator
- Develop energy-saving DDVC (Direct Drive Volume Control)-type hydraulic actuator
- Develop hydrostrut type suspension devices for 30-ton-class track vehicles
03 Core technology
2D/3D design - Design direction/ flow rate/ pressure control valve, internal/external gear pump, rotary actuator
- Design power transfer equipment, such as transportation devices (gear box, driver)
- Analysis hydraulic servo system design technique
Analysis System modeling, Simulation & Analysis
- Hydraulic valve, pump, actuator
- Power transfer equipment (gear box, driver)
- Technology of hydraulic servo system.
Test & Evaluation - Hydraulic equipment, power transfer equipment, hydraulic servo system function test / system performents test 
Customer satisfaction
A hydraulic actuator is a mechanical device that uses hydraulics to convert energy into a linear movement. The mechanical energy produced is generally used to lift or press things that require a great deal of energy. Heavy equipment usually relies on several hydraulic actuators to function.

Common designs for hydraulic actuators consists of the cylinder, piston, hydraulic fluid, and the supply and return line. Majority of the mechanism's process happens inside the cylinder. It contains the piston and hydraulic fluid. An opening inside the cylinder attaches to the supply and return line.
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