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solenoid hydraulic valves
A solenoid valve is a voltage-actuated valve, meaning it is activated by an electrical charge. Hydraulic machines use oil under pressure as their prime source of energy, and so a solenoid valve becomes a hydraulic solenoid valve when the fluid is introduced into its ports, or openings. The valve’s job is to either direct the fluid’s flow, or to stop or begin the fluid’s flow.

Hydraulic solenoid valves are used in a wide variety of applications, including wood chippers, stump grinders, bucket trucks and car crushers. They are also used in automobile transmissions, snowplows, backhoes, steamrollers, road pavers, excavators and cranes, to name just a few applications. In general, anything that moves under hydraulic power has a hydraulic solenoid and a hydraulic solenoid valve to actuate movement. Special hydraulic solenoid valves that are used in chemical plants are designed to be explosive-proof because a spark in a chemical plant can be extremely hazardous.

solenoid hydraulic valves Solenoid valve Application
- Cooling fan of transmissions
Feature & Function
- Three-stage speed control of cooling fan
Working pressure : 10 kgf/㎠
Control flow - stage 1 : 1.5 Lpm(fix)
C o n trol flow - stage 2 : 7.5 Lpm(adjustable)
C o n trol flow - stage 3 : 10.5 Lpm(adjustable)
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